Service become more and more important.

For the pass decades, due the world wide manufacture move to China, and also create a lot of new suppliers from China. But day by day the quality issue become serious from China, so the PANAPEX service become more and more important for the clients to consider for it, due we used the pass many experience for the electronic finish products and components sales. To support the clients for the purchasing and inspection also shipment consolidation.

Quality is the mainstay of the PANAPEX offer and drives the overarching philosophy of the company. Quality of product PANAPEX insists that every product meets the most stringent quality requirements and is dedicated to obtaining 100% customer satisfaction through best service. However none of this is provided at the expense of price since PANAPEX prides itself on its competitive pricing. The mission statement of the company is simply: “To provide quality products which enable our customers to succeed in the fiercest market conditions”.

As such all customers are partners to PANAPEX and in dealing with the Company you will find a strong and committed team dedicated to providing you with excellent products, quality and service. That is why PANAPEX products with their quality, unique features and competitive pricing have become the overwhelming choice for existing customers in Japan, Brazil and Peru.